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Bonne Bartron

Episode 40: "Filmmaker Turned Author - the Art of Satire" with Bonne Bartron, 5/2/22

Award winning screenwriter and director Bonné Bartron has always loved books, but it took a world-wide shut down for her to finally write one. WHISPERS, her debut novel, is a spine-tingling thriller with a sharp satirical edge told from the perspective of competent, diverse women.

The darker side, of satirical humor, was the perfect genre for her own catharsis during a time where nothing made sense and conspiracies were competing for mainstream airtime. The most humorous moments live in the tension of fear, and Bartron serves both up in her debut novel.

Whispers debuted at #13 on the Satire best seller charts, and #10 on the Amazon new release best seller list and quickly thereafter moved up to #1 and #2, for the paperback and E-book respectively.

Bartron is currently writing an Utopian YA novel. Find our more about Bonnè here:

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