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In Her Voice

I have always been a writer. In so many ways, it feels like my best language. There is something magical about that split second between when my brain forms the thought and the time it takes that thought to traverse down my arms to pen or keyboard and then for that thought to arrive in a splash of words on the page or screen that feels, each time, like a wonder.

As a child, I would write stories and loved doing book reports. My first jobs all entailed writing and public speaking. I love all aspects of writing from the technical, to the research-based, to the creative. The pure act of creating words laced together pleases me and hopefully brings enjoyment to others.

Perhaps one of the most creative, difficult, and fun projects was the creation of “Metro MANIA: The Great Train Ride Through Washington”™. MANIA is an interactive street and board game experience that facilitates students’ use of public transportation while they gain an appreciation for the employment and cultural offerings of the Nation’s Capital. The experience game was featured in a PBS documentary on what is making a difference in Washington, DC’s challenged communities.

An unexpected joy in my writing career was the release of my debut novel, The Eves. I did not anticipate that its release, during the height of the pandemic, would lead to so many followers, speaking and writing opportunities, deep involvement in social media, and the advent of my two award-winning radio shows. A key message of The Eves is that 'we are never done.' I’m so glad that my characters taught me that. At 70 I think there are many adventures ahead.

At the moment I’m not doing as much writing as I would like. The launch of three books on writing, publishing, and marketing a book in the Spring of 2023 reinforced my love of creative collaborations and the true need for ongoing education. That was the inspiration for my new efforts with 100 Authors Who Care, a new non-profit that focuses on literacy needs internationally.

I do have ideas for three novels sketched out, but they don’t really have legs yet. While all this unfolds, as it should and will, I’m just grateful that you visited here today. Thank you.

Meet Grace

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Grace Sammon is an entrepreneur, educator, speaker, and author. 

Grace has started and managed two for-profit and three not-for-profit companies, and she has travelled to 35 states and 10 foreign countries. Recognized in “Who’s Who in Education” and “Who’s Who in Literature,” Grace is utilizing skills built up over decades as she re-invents herself with her award-winning fourth book and debut novel - The Eves - as well as with a return to one of her early loves, radio. The Eves is an intergenerational story about lives lived well and lives in transition. It is a novel that challenges each of us to ask who we want to be in the world, regardless of our age. Grace brings that quest for a good story, and a drive to keep contributing, to her multi-award-winning radio show, “The Storytellers.” Broadcast on Authors on the Air Global Radio Network, each episode captures the stories of authors and others who choose to leave their mark on the world through the art of story. Grace is also the host of the multi-award-winning “LAUNCH PAD” radio show that celebrates book releases and the authors that create them.

At heart, a creative collaborator, Grace’s most recent efforts have resulted in a three-book series on writing craft: LAUNCH PAD The Countdown to Writing – Publishing and Marketing Your Book as well as the eBook “Sharp Tips for Effective Writing.”  She is the founder of Author Talk Network, serves on the Board of Story Circle Network, is a member of the Women’s Fiction Writers’ Association (WFWA), Women’s National Book Association (WNBA), and she is the Director of Membership for one of the fastest growing FaceBook groups “Bookish Road Trip.” Her current efforts involve launching 100 Authors Who Care an international non-profit dedicated to literacy efforts and sketching out her next novel.

Grace grew up on Long Island, NY and spent most of her life in the Washington, DC area.  She currently lives on Florida’s west coast with her husband and a small herd of imaginary llamas. You can reach Grace via email and learn more at

Grace's Affiliations

Grace's Affiliations

Grace is recognized in “Who’s Who in Literature” and “Who’s Who in American Education.” Prior to 2020, Grace’s affiliations were largely through her educational professional work and her work as a volunteer for the Guardian Ad Litem and Hospice communities. With the launch of her debut novel, she embraced social media and communications that have her involved with the following organizations.

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Story Circle Network was founded in 1997 and is dedicated to helping women of all ages share the stories of their lives through memoir, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and drama, and to raising public awareness of the importance of women’s personal histories.


The Women's Fiction Writers Association (WFWA) was founded in 2013 as a professional, enriching, supportive, and diverse international community for writers of women’s fiction. Their mission embraces that women’s fiction heightens human connection, engenders empathy, and illuminates new perspectives. By consciously supporting all voices and providing tools and resources to rigorously develop craft, the Women’s Fiction Writers Association fosters successful careers, meaningful relationships, and the creation of resonant, diverse stories.

The Authors on the Air Global Radio Network is an international digital media company featuring radio talk shows, podcasts, live video streaming, videocasts and book reviews available in 153 countries on most audio and video platforms. Our mission is to connect creative people and their stories to our listeners and readers. Grace hosts two muti-award-winning shows on the Network, The Storytellers celebrating those who choose to leave their mark on the world through the art of story, and LAUNCH PAD celebrating book releases and the authors that create them

Bookish Road Trip is one of the largest and fastest growing “author-reader-travel loving book communities” on Face Book and Instagram with nearly 5,300 members, daily membership engagement, author take-overs, a book club, three newsletters and regular live programming. Grace is the Director of Membership and Engagement. Get lost with Bookish Road Trip.

The Women's National Book Association (WNBA) is a professional literary organization dedicated to supporting women and marginalized voices in the literary world; fighting against censorship; creating community around books; educating about books and the book industry, promoting literacy, and providing professional development.

A nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, WNBA exists to connect, educate, advocate and lead in the literary community. 

In New York City on October 29, 1917, two days after the large women’s suffrage march on Fifth Avenue, a group of female booksellers met for the first time.
Excluded from joining the all-male booksellers’ organizations and spurred by the fight for women’s right to vote, they banded together to fight for equality for women.

The Women’s National Book Association was formed. Since then, WNBA has been dedicated to supporting women and marginalized voices in the literary world.

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