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Praise for The Eves

"Sammon reaches into your heart, and she doesn’t let go. The Eves is meant to stay with you, and it does. Well done, Grace Sammon."

—Barbara Conrey, USA Today bestselling author of Nowhere Near Goodbye

"Heartfelt personal discoveries are made, and rich friendships are formed in Grace Sammon’s warm and redemptive novel, The Eves. (Here), a woman’s private estrangements threaten to engulf her—until she finds a healing community among other women."

—Foreword Clarion Reviews


"I enjoyed turning every page, until the last one. This is a book that we will be talking about for a long time."

—Bette Blitzer

"An incredibly riveting story. The characters, and the vivid descriptions of people, places, and events, immediately drew me in.This is a book I could not put down."

—Marilyn Kessler

"Bring on Netflix and the big screen. A novel filled with style, dignity and humor. I can already see the movie version."

—Nicholas Kuffel

"Even after I finished The Eves, I kept wondering about the characters and their laughter and their hard conversations. I especially miss being able to check in with Tobias."

—Bill Wild

"I just finished The Eves and I'm sitting here with a flood of emotions going through my entire being. This is a gift of a book. The songs quoted, with listen links, are spot on and a special bonus. Totally, this is amovie in the making. Oprah needs to read it! Every woman on our planet needs to understand that her story is a priceless gift to the next!"

—Tammy Barnett

"A novel filled with style, dignity, and humor. A tightly and smartly written book, every word counts!"

—Antonia Moreno Essig

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4.7 star rating across major reading platforms

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Green Farm
“Resonates. Jessica's story is as real as your own. Every scene puts her deeper into your heart. As she experiences anguish, trust, and love, so do you. This book is a smashing debut!”

—Saralyn Richard


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