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Media and Interviews

Grace has been featured in over 100 guest spots for radio, TV, newspapers, blogs, podcasts, and Instagram and FaceBook Live events. Below you can listen to, watch, or read a sampling of her interviews. She would love to share her reinvention, writing, and radio host journey with you. To reach Grace for an interview just send an email.

Featured Media

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Canvas Rebel

Grace joins the Canvas Rebel team to talk strategy, leadership, creativity, and legacy.

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Authors Talking Bookish Podcast

Grace joins award-winning podcasters Hope Gibbs and Donna Norman-Carbone to discuss lessons learned as a multi-published author with traditionally, Indy, and hybrid published works as well as serving as a good literary citizen.


Storytellers and LAUNCH PAD shows recognized with multiple awards.

Grace joins Pat Rullo, head of Speak Up Talk Radio, to chat about her work and the seven awards for her two radio shows including Best in the Arts, Best in Fiction, Best in Publishing, Best in Storytelling, and Best Host.


Grace talks about organizing, writing, and launching three anthologies with Jennifer Milius on The TufFish Show

Grace Sammon is back on The TufFish Show, a place to help writers and aspiring authors get out of their own way to leave a legacy by telling the stories they want to share through writing their own books and confidently sharing them with others. The writing process can be tough and the business side can feel scary, but TufFish makes both feel smoother and achievable.


Grace is featured on Women Awakening on the Contact Talk Radio Network

Cynthia James is a master interviewer focusing her show on uplifting, inspiring, and awakening our gifts! In this episode she probes into Grace's life journey; work in education; her novel, THE EVES, and what it taught her; her two radio shows; the 3 book LAUNCH PAD book series on writing, publishing, and marketing your book; and, spaghetti against the wall!


"The Hems of Their Skirts" on Women Writers, Women's Books

In May much of the world celebrates mothers. It’s a good time to shine a light on the power of the women in our lives who take us under their wing and help us learn to fly.


Washington Post: Thirty Years Later, Grace Discusses the Impact of Her Board Game Metro Mania

When the Washington Post contacted Grace, it was to talk about the impact of her 1990s board game. The impact it had on her work then, and her writing now, is still very much, in play.


Down the Rabbit Hole I go!

On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Grace Sammon shares her passion for writing and the research she has been doing into why December is called December… instead of actually writing.


"Drinking with Authors" with Erika and Jen, 4 Horsemen Publications

Join Grace On two different episodes on “Drinking With Authors” as they discuss words, wine and bookish wisdom.

Grace Guests at the Sensing Southern Blog

Grace shares her love for flawed characters and strong women - warts and all.


Grace Joins Wendy and Carl on "A Novel Talk"

Co-hosts Carl Lee and Wendy Kendall tour The Eves, with author Grace Sammon who wrote this inspiring intergenerational book. With deep questions and lively conversations Grace shares Jessica’s journey.

Authority Magazine: Why We Are Never Done

Grace Is Interviewed In Authority Magazine. Read It Here.


"Live True" Las Cruces Radio with Author and Re-Inventor Grace Sammon

Lisa Lucca focuses on Grace as author, radio host, and re-inventor. They chat about her work, her life, and how we are never done becoming who we are meant to be.


Women's Fiction Writers Association: "Write On Magazine" Features Grace

The Women's Fiction Writers Association quarterly magazine, "Write On," asks Grace about her journey from non-fiction author to novelist and all that came after the publication of The Eves. Share the journey, some marketing tips, and a glimpse into The Eves.

All Media

84. Grace joins the Canvas Rebel team to talk strategy, leadership, creativity, and legacy.

83. Storytellers and Launch Pad shows recognized with multiple awards

82. TufFish Show: Grace talks about organizing, writing, and launching three anthologies with Jennifer Milius ​

81. Contact Talk Radio Network: Grace is featured on Women Awakening

80. Women Writers, Women's Books: ""The Hems of Their Skirts

79. Sensing Southern Blog: Strong Women, Warts and All

78. The Washington Post: Thirty Years Later, Grace Discusses the Impact of Her Board Game Metro Mania

77. The Table Read: "Down the Rabbit Hole I Go!"

76. Charlotte Readers Podcast: Grace Co-Hosts

75. Oh My Word: Grace and E.L. Tenenbaum Chat about the road to publishing and The Eves

74. KTAL101.5 fm Las Cruces Radio: "Live True" with Author and Re-Inventor Grace Sammon

73. Authors Over 50: Grace is a guest with host Julia Daily

72. Women's Fiction Writers Association: "Write on Magazine" features Grace Sammon

71. Women Writers, Women Books: "Part II: Expanding Your Author Life – Becoming a Sought After and Great Media Guest"

70. Women Writers, Women Books: "Part I: "Expanding Your Author Life – A Case Study"

69. The Louie b. Free Show: Grace and Louie b. Free chat on his radio show, "BrainFood from the Heartland"

68. Pulpwood Queens and Timber Guys Book Club: Book chat about The Eves with the world's largest online book club

67. Manifesting with Meg: Grace and Meg "Rejoice in the Joy that Lies Before You"

66. Fitness Gourmet: Grace chats with the Fitness Gourmet about Storytelling

65. The Mindful Writer Podcast: Traveling to England to discuss mindfulness with Deborah Klee

64. BYOB: Grace joins Nola Nash and Laura Kemp on BYOB

63. Author Talk Network: Emma Dhesi leads Day 3 Author Talk Network Webinar – Research

62. Author Talk Network: Emma Dhesi leads Day 2 Author Talk Network Webinar – Mystery!

61. Author Talk Network: Join Grace and Emma Dhesi, Day 1 Author Talk Network Webinar – Characters

60. The Table Read: Grace and JJ Barnes sit down and talk to Author Talk Network

59. My Edmonds News: "Recommended Reads: Storytelling creates pathway from despair to hope in 'The Eves'"

58. A Novel Talk: Grace joins Wendy and Carl

57. International Pulpwood Queens and Timber Guys convention: Grace talks the art of podcasting

56. Stories that Empower with Sean: Grace shares her personal journey and life lessons

55. Meet the Author Monday with Lily Iona MacKenzie's Blog for Writers and Readers

54. Bookish Road Trip/Wanderlust: "A Trip Down Memory Lane"

53. And I Thought Podcast: The I Thought Ladies Talk "The Eves," The Storytellers, and The Author Talk Network

52. Women Writers, Women's Books: "Authors Interviewing Their Characters"

51. Author Interview: "The Art of Story" with Mary Helen Sheriff

50. A Bookish Road Trip Author Ride Along with Meredith R. Stoddard

49. The Table Read: Author Interview with J.J. Barnes

48. "Turning Readers Into Writers" with Emma Dhesi

47. Off The Shelf Books Radio: "Just What Is It About The Eves?" with Denise Turney

46. "This Book Is Lit!": Meet the Author Grace Sammon

45. Forward Radio: Season 5, Episode 106 of The Perks of Being a Book Lover Podcast, "The Age Old Story of a Sisterhood"

44. "What are you reading? What are you writing" with Karen E. Osborne

43. "Kickin' It With KeKe:" "Living a Life of Resilience" with Keke Chanel

42. Reading Nation Magazine: "Meet Grace and The Bookish Road Trip"

41. Reading Nation Magazine: "The Eves"

40. Drinking With Authors: with Erika and Jen

39. The TufFish Show: "Dive into the TufFish Pond" with Jennifer Milius

38. "Marie's World of Writing" with Marie Wishert

37. RedPenguin Books: "Between the Covers" with Stephanie Larkin

36. Buddy Book Club: "The Eves, Education, and Learning" with Michele Taylor

35. The Best of Women's Fiction Podcast: Grace Sammon with Lainey Cameron

34. "Desideratum" with Theresa Bakken

33. Beyond the Book with Julie: Grace chats with Julie about The Eves

32. Meet the Author Monday with Grace Sammon

31. LIVE with Maggie the Reader: Author interview with Grace Sammon

30. Badass Women's Book Club: The Eves with Grace Sammon

29. Every Soul Has a Story Podcast: Grace Sammon Interview with Dara Levan

28. Hear Us Roar Podcast: "Hear Us Roar" with Maggie Smith, Women's Fiction Writers Association

27. SOB Radio: "Spunky Old Broad Network Radio" with Dr. Gayle Carson

26. "Women's Month Panel" with Annie McDonnell, World of the Write Review

25. EXTRA Ordinary Podcast: "The Eve of Greatness" with Nathaniel Garrison

24. Douglas S. Pierce Books: LIVE with Douglas S. Pierce

23. "Inside the Minds of Authors" with DC Gomez

22. "Sammon in Hollywood" with Sarahyn Bruck

21. Southern Maryland Magazine: "Author Releases Debut Novel"

20. World of the Write Review: "Meet The Eves" with Annie O'Donnell

19. Drawing First Ink: Grace Sammon with Alex and Priscilla

18. Caramel Lucas: "Keepin' It Real" with Grace Sammon

17. Let's Coach with Carolyn: "A Journey to 'The Eves' with author Grace Sammon"

16. Upstream Press: "World Wide Release Panel and Celebration" with Jan Risher, Go Shift Key

15. Thrive Global Magazine: "Until they fold his hands in the box" interview with Grace

14. Eat Like a Writer: "Meet Author Grace Sammon" with Liz Foster

13. Authority Magazine: "Why We Are Never Done" interview with Grace

12. HenLit Central: "The Eves, the Perfect. Book Club Book"

11.The Walkshow Podcast: Grace joins Walker Neer to discuss "Writing, Legacy, and Understanding Others"

10. All About Women Radio: Mary Jones interviews Grace on WENG-FM's "All About Women"

9. Suncoast View TV: "Reinventing Herself" – Grace talks about The Eves

8. The Calvert County Times: "(Sammon) Pens Debut Novel"

7. Eat Like a Writer: "41 Writers Share Lessons Learned" with Liz Foster

6. Aurea McGarry Productions: "Success Talk" with Emmy Award Winning Aurea McGarry

5. The Garden City News: "(Sammon) Publishes First Novel"

4. Watch Grace on "Tell Me Something Good" with Jan Risher

3. She Persisted with Melissa Carter: Listen to Grace

2. "Incredible Life Creator" with Dr. Kimberley Linert

​1. SNN News: "Suncoast Author Releases Debut Novel"​​

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