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Episode 33: Mary Helen Sheriff, the Author Marketing Coach, Guests Hosts this special episode on "The Countdown to Marketing Your Book" with Guests Erika Lance, Lisa Montanaro, Sharvette Mitchell, and Linda Ulleseit

On this episode of LAUNCH PAD explore what marketing steps you should take before your book launches. Define an author’s brand. Maximize Facebook marketing. Develop the mindset you need to successfully market your book. Find book clubs. Learn more about all this in “Countdown to Marketing Your Book.” Guest Host: Mary Helen Sheriff: author, author marketing coach, book marketer; and guests Erika Lance: publisher, podcaster, author Lisa Montanaro: branding specialist, debut author, and WFWA webinar host, Sharvette Mitchell: Facebook expert, Youtuber, and marketing guru, and Linda Ulleseit: Paper Lantern Writers founder and author.

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