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Angela Cairns

Episode 115: Angela Cairns, Author, BBC broadcaster, and Amazon Best-Seller, 1/8/24

Born in the U.K., owner of two successful healthcare businesses and BBC broadcaster, Angela has been involved with coaching since 1986. She began her writing career with non-fiction articles and progressed to a blend of fiction and non-fiction in the creation of Play Pause Unwind a series of relaxation visualization resources.

Her ambition to write a novel was realized in 2019. Successful in gaining agency representation, then came the long wait - over two years and three novels later, still no traditional publishing contract.

Endless time ahead is promised to no-one. Angela made a commitment to learn how to present, market, and successfully self-publish her work to a professional standard. She has currently published five women’s fiction novels, two short story anthologies and is an Amazon Best-Selling author. Her short stories have been published in Yours magazine and feature regularly on the radio. She is a regular guest on writing podcasts.

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