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Christine Kloser

Episode 66: USA Today Bestselling Author Transforms Lives One Book at a Time with Christine Kloser, 11/28/22

Christine Kloser is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author and founder of the Get Your Book Done® program and podcast as well as the creator of the Transformational Author Experience®. An author coach since 2004, Christine’s programs have proved extremely successful, reaching 127 countries and impacting 90,000 authors from every walk of life. Hitting the Top 100 overall best-seller list on Amazon, she uses her expertise as an award-winning author and publisher to help others fulfill their call to write. Christine is also the owner of Capucia Publishing She is the editor of a new anthology launched in June 2022,"Turning Point Moments: True Inspirational Stories about Creating a Life that Works for You" Seeing a challenge through the prism of change is exactly how 41 authors from 8 countries have emerged stronger and happier from what could have been devastating circumstances. How they turned job loss into a new business, relationship betrayal into deeper self-love, adrenal collapse into renewed health, loss of a spouse into a hope filled future, and so much more. Find out more about Christine and her work here:

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