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Hallie Balogh and Auttie Grace

Episode 73: Hallie Balogh and Auttie Grace Are Building an Empire, 1/23/23

Everything started in 5th grade when Hallie Balogh and Auttie Grace first met. They quickly became known for always being together. You never only saw one of them. That 5th grade school year didn’t only spark their friendship, but it set the foundation of the Auttie and Hallie writing power duo. From 5th grade and all through middle school, they spent their lunches, free time, etc. writing stories together. Once Covid-19 hit, they took it as an advantage to write their first novel, Empire: To Earth and Back. Honestly, it started as a joke, but here they are, two teenagers with a published YA sci-fi adventure novel and many more to come. As young teenage girls, they want to inspire others that no dream is “too big” when you’re passionate about something.

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