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Kyle Ann Robertson

Episode 105: Kyle Ann Robertson Jumps Right In, 10/17/23

Kyle Ann is a “fingers crossed, jump right in” kinda girl. Just sink your teeth into her years of journal entries and poetry for details. (Actually, please don’t!) Born in Japan, Kyle traveled around the world and east coast of the United States as a Navy brat. She mostly grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia, traveled through Kentucky, Massachusetts, Georgia, and Florida before retiring from the world of physical therapy and turning to a second career in creative writing. She has successfully raised four wonderful kids who are presently out living their own adventures. She now lives in Florida with her husband and enjoys visiting with her six (and counting) grandkids, golfing, gardening, and of course, writing honest and heartfelt family stories. Her debut novel, White Picket Fences shows us how to challenge karma for all the right reasons.

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