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Renea Winchester

Episode 116: Renea Winchester: Award-winning Author, Workshop Leader, and a Botanicalist, 1/15/24

Renea is an internationally-released, award-winning author of: Outbound Train, the French translation, De l’autre cote’ des rails. Her nonfiction titles include: Farming, Friends & Fried Bologna Sandwiches, In the Garden with Billy and multiple essays and short stories.

She is a passionate supporter of literacy and libraries. Renea is the winner of multiple awards including: The Lucy Bramlette Patterson Award for Fiction, NC Press Associations Award, Wilma Dykeman Award for Essay, Appalachian Writers Award, and the Blue Ridge Writers Award. She has judged multiple literary contests and has a reputation for helping fledgling authors. Renea is the owner of Botanicals, a herb farm which borders the National Park. She leads regional and national writing workshops as well as medicinal plant workshops.

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