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Sharon Preston-Folta

Episode 27: Little Satchmo: A Daughter's Story with Sharon Preston-Folta

Sharon Preston-Folta has spent a thirty-plus-year career in advertising sales and marketing, predominantly as an account executive in radio. She's worked with such companies as Fairchild Publications and WLNY TV in Long Island, and ABC/Disney and CBS Radio and Emmis Communications in New York City. She is currently Sr. Account Executive with WUSF Public Media in Tampa, FL. Sharon became a published author with her memoir "Living in The Shadow of my Father, Louis Daniel Armstrong" in 2012, which made public the private family life of Louis Armstrong, Lucille 'Sweets' Preston, his mistress for 21 years and their child, Sharon. In 2019 she began production on Little Satchmo documentary which is based on her memoir. The documentary made it worldwide premiere in June 2021 at the Thessaloniki Documentary film festival.

In addition to her AA from Westchester Community College and BA in Communication Arts from Iona College, Sharon’s love of cooking led her to attend the Institute of Culinary Education nights and weekends, where she earned two professional degrees; Culinary in 1999 and culinary Management in 2005. Sharon believes in giving back to the community and has used her cooking skills as a Chef Instructor in the Cooking Matters program. She's currently a Volunteer Programmer at WSLR 96.5 LP FM in Sarasota, Florida where she resides with her husband, Howard, a musician.

Learn more about Sharon and the documentary here:

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