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Susan Sammon

Episode 17: A Peripatetic Lifestyle Leads to Creative Storytelling with Susan Sammon, 11/22/21

Susan Sammon has been a television studio manager, a food PR executive, environmental scuba diver, alternative educator and small business owner. As a result of her various jobs and interests, she has visited nearly 100 countries, touching down on all seven continents. Traveling for work and pleasure to exotic destinations, Susan had a unique opportunity to develop her image-making skills, which she honed using her iPhone camera.

Susan is co-author, along with her photographer husband Rick, of 10 books. Her most recent titles, The Oregon Coast Photo Road Trip (2019) and The Route 66 Photo Road Trip (2018) are published by Countryman Press. Currently, Susan is curating her images for a photo note card collection and teaching iPhone photography to local community groups. While the pandemic has curtailed her international travel, it has also nurtured explorations of surprising destinations closer to home. Susan lives with her husband in New York’s scenic Hudson Valley.

In addition to her work in iPhonography, Susan enjoys hiking, gardening and reading. She credits an early book, James Michener’s, The Drifters, which she read as a young woman while commuting to a job in New York City, as awakening her desire to visit foreign lands. Great storytelling has always been an important influence in Susan’s life. She now uses her iPhone photos as her own storytelling medium, featuring the places and people she has encountered in her travels.

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